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Veteran of the day and Veteran Administration is on the veterans side.God Bless America!

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Diners and stores that observe November 11 Veterans Day with free meals.

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Veteran Of The Day.


Looking for Hollywood producers to recognize U. S. Veterans and away to do it is a reality TV . With veteran-owned businesses that are working everyday to make America a golden pot for other  countries .

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Without Americans that support the United States constitution and the rule of law. There are Americans that disagree on President Donald J.trump policy but there is no doubt he loves the red,white and blue. He was legally elected and as Americans we must back him 100%

Start a U.S. history class for kids!


Have any United States History scholars out there ? Start a Wednesday night history lesson for our American kids. Email ScottW@veteranoftheday.com

We must stand-up for peace!


We the people will make the difference! Do we want a Christian nation? Or a socialist regime that rules corruption?

U. S. Veterans risk there lives!

We have women in combat we will keep in our memory of the WWII unit the (WASP) female pilots .

Veterans take the oath! Whether you are a war or peacetime veteran, For example Cold War veterans in West Germany and the early !960's the Soviet Union built the Wall to separate the East and West. Everybody in the military and families sacrificed there lives. The reason countries around West Germany could have attacked at any time.

We the people!


We must support our President of the United States regardless who is elected president.

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We the people will make this website happen for the veterans that sacrifice there lives. please send donations for care packages to our veterans. Veteran Of The Day .com P. O. Box 296, Dauphin, Pennsylvania 17018-0296

Veteran of the day

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Veterans and U. S. History


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We need you to purchase products to keep this veteran of the day website functional. We have big plans to help United States veterans from homelessness and to get treatment for PTSD . No veteran should go without basic life saving values.

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A reality television show in search of a sponsor and producer to make veteran of the day veteran -owned business reality show.

United States History

We have history of WWII,Korea,Vietnam,Cold War veterans from the homeless to Vietnam veterans with agent orange which was a pesticide to kill vegetation in the jungles while our soldiers were in the jungles.

Volunteers auction for veteran causes.

We have U. S. veteran actors,authors,business,military,musicians,politicians and sports figures that donated autographs for annual autograph auction. We need volunteers to get this auction a reality.

Need of donations!

We have volunteers that help with basic house cleaning and chores for WWII, Korea,Vietnam and Cold War veterans the older Americans. What we really need is a RV it would save in expenses of volunteers that work in rural areas.

God Bless America!

Veterans of the past.Mort Walker,Gino Marchetti,Richard Benjamin Harrison, Roscoe Brown,Maury Laws, Dan Gurney,Charlton Heston,Bob Feller, Bill Daily,Johnny Blanchard,Milo Hamilton,Monte Irvin,Enos Slaughter,Hugh N.Mulcahy,Don Rickles,  Charles Bronson,Marty Allen,New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson, Chuck Stevens,Bobby Doerr and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. Many more to list.

Wasp WWII Women Pilots

They all deserve the medal of honor.

Deceased or Alive Deserve To Be Veteran Of The Day.

Government fairness


 We the people will select who is veteran of the day   Our founding fathers and the United States Constitution will help laws for veterans administration and affairs office.

Care packages for needy veterans.

Veteran Allegiance will improve the treatment of surviving veterans. No veteran is left behind ever

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here. We will ask for gift certificate from national stores across the United States to give to needy veterans. Veteran Of the day .com P.O.Box 296 Dauphin Pennsylvania 17018-0296 Thank You

Why care for veterans?


Veterans are the backbone of the United States Of America. Many have perished to give Americans the freedom we all take for granite . Our founding fathers fought for the right to our religion beliefs. In God we trust.

We never leave a veteran behind.


Reality TV Show?

With many Veteran owned business this site would be the ultimate reality show. From farms to factories ,,  factories,inventions,  such as the Mr. Coffee maker and many more discoveries by veterans.


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No other website worships veterans like veteran of the day. Maybe we the people can make a world record by most visitors on this site?


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