Lock UP THE Guilty!


It is up to we the people to make a difference.

We the people left government corruption to take over our lives with the crooked deep state mentality. Getting involved in the new world order the transformation of the Middle East.

The deep state can't continue surviving.

In order for our constitution and the founding fathers beliefs we must round up the corrupt deep state branded in our CIA,FBI and the State department.

As a government of we the people.

We the people must spread the news the main stream media is entrenched in yellow fake journalism control by the evil doers of the new world order of the corrupt deep state.

Wake Up America

We as people must get our government back to avoid unwanted wars that the globalist corrupt government cash cow putting money in pockets of the corrupt.

Today is the day to stop the globalist agenda!

We must elect President Donald J.Trump in 2020 or we will be in a war that the corrupt globalist want to carry on the destruction of the United States Of America.

2020 is a important election?

Doesn't matter what party we the people belong to we must elect the law and order president..

Caring for U. S. Veterans!

June Is PTSD month we must combat this!

Webbyracks is a green news stand to infom the public about U. S. Veteran issues.

PTSD and suicides must stop!

With PTSD and veteran suicides we must do more. It takes a group of American Patriots to help the few the best we can.

America the beautiful!

In order for American manufacturing to survive we must buy American made products to create employment and wealth of our nation. Support veteran owned businesses.